Noah has a very dynamic way of reaching people in the church of all ages. No matter what style, gender, or age a person is, you can be sure he will reach them through the gospel.
— Boyd Evans (Pastor - FBC Port St. Joe, FL)
I would highly recommend you bring this ministry to your church to minister to your ADULTS and STUDENTS
— Tony Nolan (Winter Jam/Evangelist)
Noah Cleveland has a special anointing upon his life and ministry. I have witnessed his God given talent first hand on our GO TELL Ministries platform. God has placed a special calling on Noah’s life as a minister. He has a passion for God and a zeal to see people get right with God. His heart beats ministry and he is one of the most humble servants I have ever worked with in my 31 years in evangelism. Use this gifted man of God. You will be glad you did and so will your people
— Rick Gage (Go Tell Ministries)
Do your church a HUGE favor and book Noah Cleveland for your event. Whether it’s a student event or a Sunday morning, he will connect with EVERYONE. He leads people right to the throne of God, and that is hard to find. I’ve partnered with this ministry, and encourage you to do so as well
— Chip Dean (Pastor - Liberty Live Church Hampton, VA)
Noah has a unique way of impacting people by ministering the Word through preaching and music. He has a gift from God that He is using in the “right” bring Him glory
— Fred Stokes (Super Bowl XXVI Champ - 1991)