Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your church service or special event. I’m honored. Choosing the right speaker is not an easy decision, I know. So I’ve created this page to help make that job easier for you.


  • Easy: My team and I strive to be the nicest, most low-maintenace folks you’ve ever worked with.
  • Responsive: When you call or email, we’ll reply within 24 hours.
  • Promotion: Once your event is on my calendar, I’ll promote it through my tour pageFacebookTwitter and e-mail newsletter.
  • Serve: I want to serve you and your vision, and then customize my content and style to meet your needs.
  • Balance: I strive to be all things to all people. So that means reaching out and serving every person in your church. Our team focuses on reaching all ages and styles. 
  • Preach the WORD: I have found that there's nothing we can say to change or impact anyone outside of God's Holy Word. Every message is filled with the Gospel of Jesus, Him crucified, resurected, and alive today! 


Noah has a very dynamic way of reaching people in the church of all ages. No matter what style, gender, or age a person is, you can be sure he will reach them through the  gospel.

- Boyd Evans
  Senior Pastor - FBC Port St. Joe, Florida

What an awesome speaker and worship leader Noah is. He and his wife Ivy are a truly anointed duo in their ability to win souls for Jesus. The balance they brought to our church in reaching everyone was exaclty what we needed. I can't wait to have this unique ministry back.

- Israel Milligan
  Pastor - Decatur, Alabama

The message Noah shared was exactly what our entire church needed to hear. It was very timely and ministered to the young people and older crowd. The dynamics he used was very impactful, creative, and efficient. Book him now for your church.

- Patrick Findley
  Pastor - Stone Mountain, Georgia