• Noah is proud to announce his signing with The Clementine Agency

    Noah is proud to announce his signing with The Clementine Agency

    The newsest team member is The Clementine Agency. Owner Micah Watson has years of experience in the church as an artist, musician, and worship pastor. He knows what en event looks like from every angle start to finish, and Noah is proud to welcome him into the Be Loud Ministries family. 

    A word from Micah Watson-

    The Clementine Agency connects artists and speakers to the local church.

    That's all we want to do. We realize that you're probably not a concert promoter, a publicist, or a millionaire. You're busy - and you have a million other details to take care of as you plan your special events and worship services. 

    We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Our artists have all served the local church - they are flexible, friendly, and great to work with. They have a desire to serve together with you with the end goal of Christ being glorified. 

    To book Noah today please visit The Clementine Agency or call 404-545-4865

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  • Three Life Church (Lagrange, GA)

    Three Life Church (Lagrange, GA)

    It's so cool seeing the body of Christ come together. We got to hear 500 people shout the words to Noah's new song "Church With No Walls" together with ONE voice. The song will be released soon so stay tuned. 

  • Bright Hope Orphanage Benefit Concert

    Bright Hope Orphanage Benefit Concert

    Bright Hope Orphanage is located in Uganda. Noah and other artists are teaming up to raise money for this community of orphans. 10% of all the proceeds that Truett's brings in from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday June 13th will go directly to them. These orphans are a priority to God as it says in the Word, so lets all come together and support this great cause. If you are in the Atlanta area, we invite you to come be a part. 

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  • Three Life Church (Lagrange, GA)

    Three Life Church (Lagrange, GA)

    We had such an amazing time with the folks in Lagrange, GA at Three Life Church!! It's really special to see a church not even two years old running over 500 people. Super refreshing to see a staff and church that is Holy Spirit led and loves people. When you mix anointing with relevant systems, growth is bound to happen, as is the case at Three Life Church. 

  • Recording New EP with Ed Cash!!

    Recording New EP with Ed Cash!!

    GREAT NEWS!!!!! Noah is almost finished with an EP he has been recording with Grammy winning producer Ed Cash. The brand new EP is expected to be released in the fall of 2015 so be sure to check back for more updates. 

  • Mountain View Baptist Church (8-6-14)

    Mountain View Baptist Church (8-6-14)

    What a night at Mountain View Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA. God did something very special and unique there and it was an honor for us to be a part. Seeing students and adults who are passionate about God and worship was very refreshing. We can't wait to visit again in October. 

  • National FCA Camp (5-23/26-14)

    National FCA Camp (5-23/26-14)

    Noah and the ministry team rocked Saint Simons Island, GA for the National Fellowship Of Christian Atheletes Collegiate Camp. There 26 colleges represented from all over the country. If this camp was any indication, the future of the church is in great hands. Be Loud is super pumped about the partnership with FCA and what the future holds.